The Thinkers

Set in the very near future, the book illustrates how behaviors are learned and passed on from parents to children and even to robots!

Winthrop, a family bot, has taken all those behaviors and manifested himself into an intelligent, comical, but intolerable character.  Johnathan, a robotics prodigy, is asked to fix Winthrop before the robot is forced to be retired from the home and family he loves.

Winthrop, programmed to be a progressive thinker, feels that his only solution is to run away from home until he has an answer to his problem—how to control his electronic emotions! Winthrop’s suspenseful adventures while in hiding are all great learning experiences.

Only fifteen years old, Johnathan, gifted with his parents’ fully stocked robotics lab, uses all his skills learned from his parents and in his robotics class in school to repair Winthrop and finds that his most helpful knowledge relates back to what he has learned from church, the Bible, and religion.


The Thinkers